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Our Purpose

Protecting Idaho’s Children from Abuse and Neglect through Prevention

"There can be no greater measure of a society than how it treats its children."

We believe that Idaho’s children are the state’s greatest assets. Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. We hold their future in our hands, and our future is in their hands.

Too many children suffer abuse and neglect at the hands of parents and caretakers who should be nurturing them instead.

Children who are abused and neglected often experience problems later in life involving juvenile and adult crime, poor academic performance, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, poor physical health, and even suicide. The effects of child abuse and neglect are wide and far-reaching.

Preventing abuse and neglect is critical to minimizing the costs of long term intervention for crime, corrections, truancy, hospitalization, special education, physical health care, and mental health care.

Preventing child abuse and neglect is critical to Idaho’s future.

What is the Idaho Children’s Trust Fund?

In 1985, the Idaho Legislature created the Trust Fund to provide financial support to local child abuse and neglect prevention efforts in Idaho. The trust fund makes grants, and provides training and technical assistance to programs throughout the state that work directly with children and their families.

An independent board, created by state statute and appointed by the Governor, oversees fundraising, expenditures, and operations. The Trust Fund board includes governor-appointed members from the seven regions of the state, as well as three members representing the Idaho Attorney General, Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Director of the Department of Health and Welfare. Board members are citizen volunteers who are appointed because of their expertise in child and family issues.

Staff members include an Executive Director and a Grants Manager.

While located within state government, the Children’s Trust Fund is a unique public-private partnership, receiving no state general funds. Private citizens from throughout Idaho steer its course and raise the funds necessary to make prevention grants for local community programs.

Where does the Trust Fund get its dollars?

The Trust Fund receives funding from two sources; a small federal grant earmarked for the lead child abuse prevention agency in every state, and private donations from individuals and businesses.

The majority of our private donations are received through the Idaho State Income Tax form, where taxpayers can easily contribute by filling in the amount they wish to give on the voluntary donation line.

State legislation mandates that half the income tax check-off funds collected yearly are spent on prevention efforts, while the other half remain in a special endowment to earn interest. Currently the endowment is at just over $1,000,000.

No state general funds are allocated to the Children’s Trust Fund.

Why invest in the Idaho Children’s Trust Fund?

When you make an investment in the Trust Fund you can be assured that the prevention projects funded throughout Idaho have been thoroughly investigated and evaluated by experts.

You can be assured that efforts have been made not to duplicate services and that the people in our state who truly need and deserve family support and prevention programs are being served.

You can be assured that your investment goes to fund local community-based programs provided by people in your community.

You can join the fight against child abuse and neglect and help strengthen Idaho families by making a donation to the Idaho Children’s Trust Fund.

  • You can mail your check to the address below, or
  • You can choose to give when you file your Idaho Income Tax return.

We rely on the generous donations of Idahoans who care about kids to help us keep kids safe. Thank you for caring.

Please mail your donation to:
Idaho Children’s Trust Fund
P.O. Box 2015
Boise, Idaho 83701

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